May Day

It’s May! My favorite month…and not just because its my birthday month. Spring is springing and new life begins! And speaking of new life (no, I’m not pregnant), we are now in our new apartment! I don’t think I can fully describe how much better we feel just being in this apartment. It’s cleaner, brighter, bigger, cuter, and all around amazing. I’m thankful that Paul and I can truly appreciate the little things about this apartment. The dishwasher, the hot water tank that belongs only to us, the clean walls, the hole-less carpet, the parking lot. Really I feel like every day we find something new that we didn’t have before. Of course, it’s not perfect. We are really bummed that we don’t have a balcony or porch to have a garden. But we are definitely okay with the trade-off. 

On another note, we also just got back from a week in Phoenix. It was so wonderful to be down there. The weather was perfect, the company was great, and we were spoiled rotten!


At the zoo!

We went to the zoo, a Diamondbacks baseball game, shopping, a motorcycle ride, and laid by the pool. We got to spend some great time with my family, and it was really special, because it was the first time Paul really got to know my Dad, Leah, Craig, & Claire. Thanks guys!!

So now we’re back, full swing, in a new apartment, refreshed from vacation and ready for summer! 


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