Baby Steps

Paul and I read a lot. We read a lot about health, and food, and the land, and good choices. It inspires us to take better care of our bodies and the earth. And so, we read more about it. Unfortunately, reading doesn’t do a whole lot except fill your brains with goodness. It can be kind of overwhelming, in fact. We decided we needed to start acting on all of these readings, and do something. But where to begin?

A few things we came up with:

We decided we will have fruits and veggies on hand at all times, and eat at least one of each every day. Eating an apple as dessert makes us feel so much better! Although, I may be making a peach cobbler here soon!

We’ve been taking walks almost every night after dinner (that I’m not working). This has been wonderful as our backyard is Riverfront Park! The river is exceptionally torrential and amazing to watch. I can’t wait for our puppy to come- even more reason to get outside!

Something that I’m proud to say we’ve done almost since the day we were married is our meat choices. We try and eat meat only twice or so a week, and when we do, we like to make sure it’s local meat. It really is that much better than big farm meat, and therefore worth the extra money.

These all are very, very small changes, but we know they are steps in the right direction to good health and a better environment. 

What choices are you making? 



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