A Successful Sew

I was given an amazing sewing machine by my generous mother-in-law, and have been using it not nearly as much as I want to. I started an advent calendar with my mother, which will I’m sure take up more posts, as I work on it. Yesterday though, I did a tiny little project I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while. Some of you may remember my amazing blue fuzzy pillow that I’ve had since who knows how long. It looks like this:


Be jealous.

I love this pillow. Alas alac, it does not fit with any of our other colors. Instead of donating it, though, I recycled it! This is how:


A pillow slip cover! Those exist, right? Cheap, cute fabric turned this cookie monster pillow into a $5 throw pillow that actually matches something. And here’s how great it turned out:


Can’t even tell it has blue fuzzy insides, can you? I’m very proud. And, if I ever have a Sesame Street themed room (God forbid…) I’ll rip those seams up and have the perfect inspiration.

On a completely different note, Craigslist is awesome!! We sold two items and made enough to go buy our (unborn) puppy some goodies:


Already spoiled.


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