Goodbye, Penny

Well folks, our sweet puppy Penny died yesterday. We were just as shocked as you probably are right now. She got pretty sick the second day we had her and her poor little 1lb body just had no fight against whatever she had. The vet in Spokane wasn’t convinced it was Parvo ( a nasty contagious puppy virus) so we don’t know exactly what she died from. Whatever it was we are glad she’s not suffering anymore.
It might be easy for us to be angry at the breeders, but they were incredible through the whole situation, talking us through each step. Even on the last day when we just wanted to put her down they offered to pay for their vet in Sandpoint to look at her. Unfortunately she didn’t make it through that car ride. I have nothing but good things to say about Julie and Phil Pizzaloto. They have guaranteed us the next fawn litter they have, we will only get the cream of the crop. We are already looking forward to our second chance pup.
Penny was buried where she was born and has a pretty yellow tulip growing on top of her grave. We are sad to see her go, but happy with the short time we had with her.

Rest in peace, Penny!



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