I like hummus. I’ve tried a lot of it in a lot of different places and have come to the conclusion that homemade is always better. So, as I force myself to finish this tub I got from Trader Joes, which claims to be ‘garlic hummus’ – though not a trace of garlic have I found, I will give you the best recipe in the world. This is from my dear friend Kyrsi, who always makes it best. I think I might have altered it a little (too lazy to find the actual recipe) so forgive me, Kyrsi, if I’ve strayed from the original.

Hummus, done right

This recipe is really just a list of ingredients. Everyone likes theirs different- more garlic, more spice, more blended, more chunky. So really all you do is mix the amount of ingredients of your liking in a blender and taste very frequently till you get it how you like.
-Garbanzo beans
-Greek yogurt
-sriracha (or any preferred hot sauce)
-Lemon juice
-Sesame oil
-Salt & pepper
-More garlic

I love garlic, so make sure to put plenty in there, if I’m coming over! Also, I have used tahini in mine before and it was delicious, but very expensive, which is why Kyrsi uses sesame oil (smart woman).
I’d love to hear what you put in your hummus!


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