Recipe Hoarder

I love cooking and being in the kitchen and mostly, eating. I love love love trying new recipes, but have recently fallen into a sort of a rut with the same things over and over again. I think it is because I have found so many recipes that I want to try, and I don’t know where to begin. I have a very bad habit of buying cookbooks and pouring through them and then getting so overwhelmed that I then turn to my (almost gone) stash of girl scout cookies. Terrible, yes. I have good intentions though – I think it might have been the beginning of this year, that I told my husband I was going to go one year without buying a cookbook. That has failed. Twice. I bought Super Natural Every Day a few months ago and am embarrassed to say haven’t made a single thing out of it. And my recent retail therapy purchase was the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, which I am proud to say I have held out for a long time before buying it. As soon as it came out I knew I wanted it but it wasn’t until today that I gave in and bought it. I’m considering it an early birthday present. Another terrible thing that has occurred is the Food Network Channel. I’ve been working out at the Y (you can pull up your jaw now) and they have tv’s on the ellipticals. This is great for me because now I can watch the Food Network channel while (Net)Working off my Food (har har). I’ve already downloaded 2 recipes in the last 2 days that I want to try. Just add it to the list. One that I’m really excited about is Limoncello by Alton Brown. It looks super easy and as soon as I convince my husband I need a whole bottle of vodka for a recipe, I might actually start making it.

So there’s my sob story. Too many recipes, too little time.

PS- Never heard of Smitten Kitchen? Go here, now:


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