Every Little Bit Counts

Paul & I want to travel. So badly. We’ve been talking and talking and talking about it since before we were married, but we’ve decided enough talking, let’s do something about it! So, we are making slow, baby steps towards it.

Our first move? Getting passports! We got some money for Christmas and decided, no time like the present – and applied for them. It was something very tangible, and affordable (thanks, Father!) that gave us hope we might actually make this travel thing happen someday.

Our next move? Saving money. “This is hard to do when you don’t have a lot to begin with”, my creative-writing-master’s-degree-graduate-student husband pointed out. But my philosophy? Every little bit counts.

I’d love to hear how you all pinch pennies in your budget! Please do share. I read somewhere that you should always keep researching how to save money because people are always coming up with great ways to save the dough. And it’s true! I’ve found great resources on the internet and hope to find more.

Actually, I almost bought a book about money-saving tips but then realized how ridiculous that would be. Spend money to learn how to save money? Silly. So instead, I put ten bucks in the jar. Ten bucks I would’ve spent on the book, now is saved! We’ll see how long we can keep that philosophy up. We wanted to go to a movie downtown but decided we could do Netflix at home instead. So, twenty bucks went in the jar! Every little bit counts.

I’ve also begun asking myself, “Do I really want that new Beyonce cd, or would I rather spend that on an espresso and croissant in Paris?” Duh, easy decision. It’s amazing how perspective can change my spending habits.

A few ‘little bit’ things we’ve done:

Turned our thermostat down 2 degrees.

Unplug our power strip with electric things at night/when we aren’t using it.

Cut down on food waste! I’m embarrassed to say I’m really bad about this.

Condense our errand-running trips in the car. I totally take for granted that I can just pop in the car and run up north to Target without even thinking about it. I’ll go even if I just need one thing. So my new errand best friend? Lists.

Every time we have cash in our wallet, it goes in the jar. Also, any extra non-paycheck money we get goes straight into savings.

There’s many more things I’d like to do, but this is where we are now. Every little bit counts!




Happy New Year! (It’s still January, so I can say that, right?) 

Clearly it’s been a while since I’ve been here (story of my life), but at least I remembered my password, eh?! Here’s a wee bit of an update since, uh, June: 

I graduated college!

I got a fantastic new job as a massage therapist at an amazing four-star resort spa. I’m in love with my job.

We got a dog…that’s still alive after 4 months! (Have I really not blogged about Griswold? Just check my Instagram for about a gajillion pictures of him. He’s pretty stinking adorable.)

Paul started his last year in his Master’s program at Eastern. He graduates in June, and has some great promise for getting a job teaching in the fall. He was hand-picked for a teaching assistantship for these next 2 quarters, so he’s getting great experience under his belt right now. 

I saw my family more this year than any other (since high school)! We gathered in St. Louis for my Grandpa Bill’s memorial service, were in Phoenix together for my baby brother’s graduation, and we got to be with Jason and my mom for Christmas in Boise. I love my family. 

Paul & I finally made it to Portland together. Paul’s sister’s wedding took place at the incredible McMenamin’s resort in October and we all had a grand ol’ time. I am in love with Portland. 

And that brings us to 2014!