Spring Break Hike

Last week was spring break for Paul, and I cut back on massages so it felt like a break for me too! It was lovely. I wanted to share some pictures we took of our hike at the Palouse Falls. Paul’s sister Sarah came with us and we brought our dogs, and surprisingly they did really well! We will definitely be going back here.


This is the view when you first get to the park. Gorgeous. Turn to the right and you get this:


We wanted to get to the very bottom of the falls, but there wasn’t a clear path to it so we used our puppies as an excuse to not risk our lives. (: Instead, we decided to climb to the top of the falls.


That rock formation to the left of the falls? That’s where we went. It was an adventure.


We found the river. Griswold was a little terrified of the loud falls. You really get your workout carrying a 20lb pooch while hiking.

We saw 2 guys go up the ridge by the river, so naturally, we followed them.


This was a walk in the park for Sarah & Foxy.

And then we made it. Photo op!


What a fantastic day. Maybe next time we will venture down to the bottom.

I love the Northwest.



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