North Country

Paul and I are going to work on an organic farm in Alaska for the month of August.

We are so excited, I can’t even stand it.

We are going through an organization called WWOOF ( that connects volunteers to organic farms worldwide. We found a farm in Alaska owned by a couple who are incredibly self-sustainable. They have 365 acres and farm on 60 of that. They give us a place to stay and food to eat and we give them daily work on the farm. It sounds like we will be helping run the U-Pick farm during our stay there, so we are hoping to meet a lot of local people and learn the ins and outs of being farmers.

Currently, we are getting our little Honda checked out to see if it will make the 5,000 mile roundtrip trek. We’ve already started mapping out our route. Neither of us have been north of Victoria, so we are thrilled to get to see the beauty of the Yukon.

Guys, I’m so excited!!!!


One thought on “North Country

  1. Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you! Keep the updates coming. Those of us who’s age and amount of children confine our wanderlust would gladly live vicariously through you.

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