Our First Ten Days

We have been 10 days on the farm. In these 10 days, our expectations have been shattered, our circumstances have changed, and our insulation has not existed in our cabin. However, we have been to one of God’s most glorious of landscapes, met some remarkable characters, and challenged ourselves mind and body.

There were several times we talked about leaving early (and probably will still talk about). I live in constant fear of the wild animals that I still haven’t seen around the farm (we carry bear spray from place to place at night). We are currently sleeping in our sleeping bags underneath two blankets and a sheet with thick wool socks and long john underwear with stocking caps on our heads. The man who owns this farm left for a week and our only instruction was to water and weed the garden.  To say that was discouraging is an understatement.

But if only I could describe to you the vast beauty of Alaska. Just yesterday we drove 3 hours down to Anchorage and there was no way on earth I could’ve captured on my camera the deep glacial snow atop the treacherously high peaks, the limitless sky atop the infinite forest of tall skinny trees. And we haven’t even gone to the National Parks yet! People come here not for the city sites, as they do when visiting Boston, Chicago, or Seattle, but for the exploration of nature and the incredible life they find among it.

So we are staying, for these next 2ish weeks. We will go to the county fair and local farmer’s market, we’ll visit the two National Parks and drink in the beauty. I hope the cold nights and slow days in the garden won’t keep us from that.