The Trip There

We are back in Washington!

I wish I could share every one of my 500+ pictures of Alaska with you, but I’ll try to narrow them down.

I do have to say that Alaska was one of the greatest adventures we’ve had. It was different than we thought it’d be, but isn’t that what makes the best adventure? We had a fantastic last night with our host family, and I actually teared up as we were leaving the glorious Wrangell mountains to cross the border. I’m so glad we have these memories.

In this post, I’m going to share the pictures of our road trip up to Alaska.

Our first stop was Jasper National Park, BC, Canada. Jasper is breathtaking. I know we will come back here to spend more time, as it’s only a day’s drive from Washington. We actually saw more wildlife here than we did in Alaska. Moose, elk, buffalo, mountain goats, and big horned sheep.





Our next stop was Dawson Creek, the beginning of the Alaska Highway. This was prairie land which was much different than the mountains, but just as beautiful.



The next stop was at Liard Hot Springs, but I only have one picture because it was pouring rain. That was not so much fun, trying to set up camp and make dinner. But we were rewarded by the hot springs themselves, which were such a relaxing break. I had never been to any before, so it was quite a treat! Here we are in the car waiting for the rain to at least slow down to a drizzle, rather than buckets.


Entered the Yukon next! Pit stop in the Signpost Forest.



The Yukon is gorgeous. And empty. Very few people live here and it makes the landscape that much greater.

DSC02981 (1)

We stayed at a campground at Kluane Lake our 4th night. I wish we could’ve stayed here longer as well. I think we liked this lake so much because there was not a house or cabin or boat in sight. It was so quiet and serene and our campsite was literally on the beach.





You get the idea.

We made better time than we thought, so we chose to see Fairbanks for our final night before the farm. We didn’t get to explore it a whole bunch, but we decided that we weren’t going to move there any time soon (sorry Fairbanksers!).


There is a nice little river in the middle of the town, which is where our campground was. Ducks came right up to us, clearly having been fed before, and nibbled at Paul’s toes.


And that’s it! We made it to the farm the next day and that’s another blog post!